It's a somewhat gloomy title, but if you're in your 40s (particularly) you might want to take advantage of our Valentine's Night package after ready these statistics I've just stumbled across...

I was reading an article saying how important it is to go on the odd weekend or night away with your partner. Recharging batteries in your early 40s, it seems, can be crucial to those who are often juggling busy careers with small children at home who are subsequently more susceptible to divorce than any other age group. Cripes!

Apparently women are the most likely to file for divorce in every age group, until you hit your 40s when the tables turn and men are more likely to throw in the towel (highest divorcing age group is 40-44 then 45-49).

It made me realise that the figures probably do have a point. We welcome couples all the time, usually only for a night or two because it might be their only kid-free night that year. What always amazes me is how happy and recharged they look when they leave the next morning. 24 hours to reconnect and talk about something other than bin day or the school bully. Obviously helped by fine wines, fabulous food, a lie in and an uninterrupted soak in the tub...

Apparently the "ideal age" to marry to avoid a future split is between 28-32 but I'm not sure how real ("swipe left") that is in our world now where it's so hard to meet people in the real world and not on a phone screen.

What do you think? Is it a load of nonsense? If there's one thing I do agree with, whether you've got kids or not, it's that I'll always grab the chance for a night away with my husband. I've just had to get better at doing more of the booking and expecting less of the whisking away...;)

So don't forget to recharge your batteries. If you need a night away maybe take advantage of our Valentine's or Winter Break package. Check our new 'Offers' page below.


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